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Below are brief descriptions of some of the consulting and lobbying services that we offer. Every client is unique and, therefore, may require some or all of these services.




Initial Consultation


First and foremost, it is necessary for us to understand the unique interests and concerns of our clients. We need a detailed overview of the organization, its history, current status, and plans for the future. We need to know about strengths and weaknesses, as well as likely allies and adversaries. This meeting (or meetings), should ideally be done in person and should involve key personnel. The information obtained during this meeting will remain strictly confidential and will be used to provide the client with an assessment and recommendations.




Assessment & Recommendations


Using the information obtained during the initial consultation we will assess the client’s needs, goals, and concerns within the context of the current political climate in Olympia. The assessment will help to identify and prioritize optimal legislative outcomes, as well as potential obstacles and threats to those outcomes. Recommendations will be given regarding various options available, the best course of action, and a prospective timeline.




Strategic Planning


After selecting which legislative project, or projects, to pursue, we will develop a detailed and comprehensive strategic plan and, with consent of the client, can begin the implementation of that plan in earnest. As the situation changes, we will adjust the plan accordingly, and will keep the client updated and involved throughout the process.




Monitoring & Tracking Legislation


Northwest Policy Group diligently tracks and monitors pending legislation that may impact our clients. The key to successful monitoring and tracking is to carefully read all new bills and amendments (in their entirety), attend all relevant committee meetings, and maintain regular communication with other stakeholders. Whenever we find an introduced (or even proposed), bill or amendment that may positively or negatively impact our client, we bring it to their attention immediately and, with their authorization, can take action regarding that legislation. (see “Lobbying”)




Coalition Building


We will actively seek other like-minded business groups and/or associations and will work with them in order to magnify our voice and increase the likelihood of success for our client. We will also identify and meet with key legislators who are interested and willing to support our effort.




Lobbying & Advocacy


Advocacy would include testifying before various committees, in Public Hearings, as well as in-person lobbying to key legislators and staff. Meetings with legislators can take place during the legislative session on the Capital Campus, or in between sessions in the legislator’s home district. When needed, we can assist in the research and drafting of bills or amendments, and we will steadfastly support and defend these bills and/or amendments as they work their way through the system. We can help prepare clients for testimony in committee and/or meetings with legislators. We will exhaust all reasonable, ethical, and legal means to insure that our client’s interests are protected.












“The punishment of wise men who refuse to take part in the

affairs of their government is to live under the government

of unwise men.”    Plato