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Government Relations & Advocacy       


Every Washington State business, professional association, community group, and citizen is subject to the laws and regulations established by our state legislature and state agencies. Although the legislative process can move slowly,

and it often does, it can also move very quickly, especially

when the voices of opposition are not heard. The first step in protecting your interests is to be well-informed about pending legislation, and to be well-prepared to act, either in support or opposition.


Northwest Policy Group can offer clients insight regarding the current political climate in Olympia and can assist them in the development of specific legislative goals and objectives. We help our clients create these goals by learning about their organization, assessing their unique interests and concerns, and then working with them to create a comprehensive strategic plan. We feel strongly that the most successful outcomes are reached when our clients are fully engaged in the process. This team approach is further strengthened by maintaining regular communication and accessibility.


Northwest Policy Group is a non-partisan government relations firm, which enables us to work with key decision makers on both sides of the aisle, and better serve clients with wide-ranging interests. We are based full-time in Olympia during each legislative session, and then travel throughout the state meeting with lawmakers, in their home districts, between legislative sessions.


How many of these proposed bills (RCW), or changes to state agency administrative code (WAC), could be beneficial, or harmful, to your business, industry or association?